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US Youth Soccer

US Soccer (USSF)

Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA)

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Church at the Bay
If you're looking to discover God or grow in your faith,  I hope you'll find everything you need to answer any questions you might have about Church at the Bay at our web site.

Of course, the best way to discover who we are and what we are all about is to visit our weekend service. There you'll find friendly people just like you who enjoy coming together and studying the Bible in order to understand how to live. We also enjoy upbeat, contemporary worship, laughing, and spending time getting to know one another. We are a casual, contemporary church where God is honored and
people are valued.

FreshStart Church
Located in the upper Tampa Bay area, FreshStart began in the fall of 1999 with the purpose of offering an emerging generation a fresh start through a relationship with Jesus Christ and to provide authentic community in which believers can connect with God and grow in their relationship with Him.

Visit our web site.

Rally Sports (Sportswear)
Our mission is simple… have fun and look good
doing so.  We have geared our efforts towards the
amateur sports playing population of the world. A unique bunch of individuals who, more often than not, go unrecognized. People you won't see on ESPN or read about in Sports Illustrated but a group of individuals who, despite knowing this, go out on their respected playing fields and dedicate themselves 110% to their sport. People who still know the true value of playing for plastic trophies and bragging rights. People who have not forgotten how to be passionate about competing and people who, at the end of the day, still respect their opponents and shake their hands.

Look Good, Play Hard and Have Fun.

Visit our web site.

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Learn about the i-kick soccer training program
Learn about the i-kick soccer training program

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