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About the Integrikick Soccer Academy™ and the i-kick™ training program

Integrikick Soccer Academy is an interactive developmental youth soccer program and seeks to become a world leader in promoting soccer player achievement. The program is directed by Jim Cook, a nationally recognized leader in soccer player development. Coach Cook and his associated programs have trained successful soccer players at youth and advanced intercollegiate and international levels for many years.

The Integrikick Soccer Academy method of training works within the philosophy that maximizing soccer skill development happens best in an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, safety and fun.

The i-kick Concept

i-kick offers a comprehensive outreach program of soccer training to interested boys and girls between the ages of five and nine. The program is conducted at our facility or at the contracting organization's site.
Integrikick Soccer Academy's i-kick training program is a healthy, wholesome way to accomplish soccer development and improve player self-esteem. The
i-kick program is designed to meet the specific training needs of very young players. Our staff is exceptionally--if not uniquely--qualified to assess skill levels and we have designed enjoyable programs that allow participants to show rapid improvement.

Why i-kick training is so well conceived and received

Integrikick Soccer Academy believes small player to trainer ratios allow for the maximum training time per player. To allow for the most achievement, we use the following teaching structure and activities during an
i-kick session:

  • Play small-sided 4V4 games with professional trainers.
  • Coach with a staff that is qualified and screened for children's safety
  • Rotate players among player groups and trainers.
  • Design all training to allow for maximum touches on the ball.
  • See that player involvement stays consistent throughout the session.
  • Enable players to learn to make good decisions on their own by incorporating professional instruction methods.
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Learn about the i-kick soccer training program
Learn about the i-kick soccer training program

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Information about the i-kick Sunrise-Sunset Festival 2004

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